Ab Urbe Condita

There exists a set of books called the Ab Urbe Condita Libri (Chapters from the Foundation of the City), which is touted as one of the greatest historical writings of all time. The author, Livy, spent his entire life creating the 142 volume account which covers the founding of the Roman empire and all of the history therein until the empire’s collapse. The kicker: Only 35 of the 142 volumes survived. 107 volumes are thought to have been destroyed after the fall of Rome, but the other 35 have had a massive impact on the world.

The Italian Renaissance was massively influenced by Livy, as was every person who read his work in ancient Rome. Machiavelli was also a supporter, writing an entire book about Livy. Now imagine, if you will, what the impact would have been if all of the volumes survived. We have only 1/4 of that knowledge at the present time, imagine if we had every volume!


A New World

This is my first true blog. I am not 100% sure what I plan to do with it, but it should be a fun experience trying to find out. Stay tuned for some (possibly) interesting stories!